Being Me

Today it’s raining in the Mohave Desert. It rains here like 14 days a year. And today is one of them. Normally, living in the desert I love the rain, but today…not so much. So what the heck, I’m starting a blog. Been meaning to do it anyway so why not a rainy day?

I am an artist and artisan. My mediums are many…watercolor, acrylic paints, color pencils, copic markers, fabric, ribbon, scrapbooking materials, and any thing else having to do with mixed media…oh and I dabble in graphic design. I’m currently venturing into mixed media art…I should have totally seen this coming because I have so much junk in my craft studio. Currently, my studio is covered with ribbon lining the walls, my painting desk is covered with scattered sketching and prismacolor pencils with my sketch book open. On my sewing table sits lovely stacks of fresh fabric ready to be played with. I love my junk. My hubby jokes that I need an entire house, but in truth I could probably fill one. Creating is not only what I love to do it is part of who I am. When I am not creating I feel lazy and I just don’t feel like me. I love it. I love anything to do with colors and design. I love learning new techniques. I love teaching myself and taking classes. I love buying design text books and going through them and doing the exercises just for the heck of it. I love Somerset Studio magazines full of art and crafts and wonderful eye candy projects. Oh and I love color theory books…OH MY WORD do I love color theory!! Every time my hubby catches me in Barnes and Noble huddled over a new color book he gets this look on his face and says, “Don’t you already have one of those?” Yes. I do. So what? He doesn’t get it. But thats okay…cause I dig it. Color defines the world in my opinion. It sets moods, changes feelings, and creates environments…color is a wonderful thing.

A few things I am thankful for: sunny days :), my pre-k daughter’s giggles, my wonderful husband who is very supportive of my eclectic ways, my family and friends, the sound of waves on the beach, handmade organic soap, juicy strawberries, hot soup on a rainy day, dairy free chocolate truffles (I’m allergic to casein), hot water, electricity, and God’s love.

So this is me being me. I want to share and document my creative experiences which is the purpose of this blog. I’m happy being me and creating, so why not share what I create? Would love to meet some fellow artists…too often I get so caught up in making something that I loose all track of time and before I know it, it’s been a week since I’ve left my house or yard. I’m a creative hermit. It’s not intentional, it just is one of the perks of being an artisan. And sadly, there are very few people in my world that are crafty. Of course it doesn’t help that we are in the military and we move every few years. So that’s why I’m here. You are welcome to follow me along this artistic journey.

Thanks for reading!