Take Two

So I started this blog in January…it’s now April and I have a whopping 1 post before this. Obviously, I’m not the greatest blogger. šŸ™‚ I have the IDEA of a fantastic blog with beautiful pictures and inspiring posts…not for sure if this is in the stars for me, but I’m going to try this again. Take two.

I’m honestly still learning to balance it all…my family, my hobbies, my military life (which lately has been more thenĀ stressful), my art projects (which are very different then my hobbies), my facebookĀ page, my friends, and now this blog. I wish I could say I had a wonderful, fantansticĀ reason for not posting…but I don’t. The week after I posted in January I ended up in an emergency facility with heart-stress symptoms…my heart is fine…I’m fine…it was just aĀ stupidĀ reaction I had to some supplements. My body is wierd like that and it took me about a month to recover. Since then I’ve buried myself in art seeking refuge in what I love to do…creating.

In January I stumbled across an article in a Somerset magazine about Suzi Blu and her Les Petite Academy…I signed up about the same time I wrote my last post and wasn’t able to really dive into the class I signed up for (Petite Dolls) because of my health. I knew I wanted to do mixed media, I just needed direction…and WOW did I get it! When I got to feeling better I immersed myself in practicing faces and Petite Dolls. Here isĀ a finished paintingĀ I made:

Since then I’ve signed up for A Lovely Dream (art journal class), Portraits, and now her incredible Fairy class that started this month. I can’t get enough of Suzi’s techniques. BUT it’s more thenĀ techniques. I have found Les Petite to be a place of like minded artist that find healing through their art. It’s exactly what I needed.

Sancutary Art Journal Page:

For those who know Suzi, you know she is an amazingly unique talent. She is so unique in her teaching approachā€¦she encourages people to not be perfectionist and shows us that through our imperfection beautiful art can manifest itself. Sheā€™s awesomeā€¦sheā€™s real and sheā€™s honest. It does not baffle me that her outreach is far and vastā€¦she touches different cultures, countries, and ethnicities all over the world with her healing environment. She is bold, but she is passionate and sweet and spunky and hystericalā€¦she has a way of reaching out to you when you are at your lowest and showing you that you are beautiful just the way you areā€¦and that you can create beautiful things. Sheā€™s open and not afraid to admit to her own insecurities and in doing so people are drawn to her because she doesnā€™t pretend to be perfect. She doesnā€™t put on a facade. I think we see too many people around us ā€œplayingā€ the game of lifeā€¦playing peopleā€¦trying to get to the topā€¦competingā€¦backstabbingā€¦using political agendasā€¦criticizingā€¦putting on a front…trying to ā€œone up.ā€ The drama is exhausting. I hate drama and I dislike people who cause it. But thereā€™s something specially different about Suziā€¦she is none of these things AND she is successfulā€¦and I think it has a lot to do with her enriching quirky spirit. She is an originalā€¦there is absolutely nothing clichĆ© about her. I love watching herā€¦I love staying up until 2am watching portrait class videos and getting inspired. For me, Iā€™m following Suziā€¦because right now Suzi makes me happyā€¦but itā€™s even more than that. She puts a buzz in my soul that causes me to want to be exactly who I am. I am an artist…no matter if my medium is paint or fabric.

Thank you, Suzi, for featuring my journal design on your blog. It’s an honor to be one of your students.

Check out her workshops: http://suziblu.typepad.com/a_lovely_dream/workshop-love.html


11 thoughts on “Take Two

  1. Hi,
    Saw you just started this blog, so not many posts yet.
    I like the 2 artworks shown in this post very much.
    Hopefully there is more to see soon.
    So please keep going šŸ˜€

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