Painting My Way Through Journaling

When I was little, I had a diary that I filled with Lisa Frank stickers. I don’t remember really writing in it, but I remember the bright stickers of rainbows, roses, unicorns and panda faces. I loved that thing. One day I discovered Lisa Frank GLITTER stickers (they were really holographic, but they were shimmery and beautiful). It was life changing. I was discovering my love for color. And then Punky Brewster began to air on TV and all I wanted was to wear rainbow clothes and pig tails with yellow bobbles. But my hair wasn’t long enough, and all my clothes were handy-me-downs from my sister. My sister wasn’t into rainbow clothes.

Painting is just another way of keeping a diary. ~Pablo Picasso

Making time for art has become a priority in my life.  I think at some point everyone hits a certain place in their life where they come to a crossroads. You decide to either dwell in the past and on your “failures”, or learn from your experiences and choose to press forward. Someone once told me that everything that has happened in my life is because it was suppose to happen; where I am now is exactly where I am suppose to be; and where I choose to go from there is my decision.

Recently I’ve had to learn to embrace my limitations and work through them. I may not be able to run a business because of my health (I had a successful artisan business last year), but I’m not going to allow that to stifle my creativity. Through art I have been able to thrive, and it has brought me much peace.

I finished painting my tower journal page from Suzi’s Art Journal class this past week, and as I was finishing it, tears flooded my eyes. I know it may seem corny to cry over art, but each element in this painting represents something very specific, and the symbolism manifested itself intensely. Sometimes art is fun and uplifting…sometimes it’s deep and heavy. I think both are important as I am developing my skill…creating sentiment through my art, even if the sentiment is only for me. The depth allows me to find healing.

Every artist dips his brush in his own soul, and paints his own nature into his pictures. ~Henry Ward Beecher

On Monday evening I followed an art-along that taught a background technique, so the following journal page was kind of done on a whim through the inspiration of that. It signifies a lady looking back on her youth remembering simpler times.

Ah, the simplicity of a toddler! I was watching my daughter today as she made herself an igloo out of a large cardboard box…the “egloo,” as she called it, looked more like a tent with blankets for a door, but she was perfectly content pretending she was an Eskimo. I thought it was kind of ironic that she was pretending to be an Eskimo when we live in the middle of the desert. I wonder if Eskimo kids ever pretend to play in sand huts. Not that we live in those here in Mohave.


9 thoughts on “Painting My Way Through Journaling

  1. Found you through Suzie, and considering the Fairy workshop myself – love your creations, you are a total inspiration. Thanks for showing off your lovely talent!

  2. Very nice artwork. I’ve been thinking of starting an artjournal as well, but its only been a thought so far. I think an artjournal is a good way of making sure to take time for art. So maybe i should try it.

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