Perfection Sucks

Why do people try so hard to be perfect at something? “I’m a perfectionist” Have you ever heard yourself say this? …heck, I used to say it myself. Then I stopped. Because aiming for perfection only sets you up to unlimited failure. Why try to be perfect? As if perfection is an attainable goal. Perfection is over rated. Instead tell yourself, “I’m not perfect and I love myself anyway.” Embrace it, expect it, and you will make your life so much easier. Periodically I say stupid stuff, sometimes I make ugly art, most times my thoughts are completely unorganized, and a lot of times I am moody. I’m a moody artist. I’m okay with that – because I am human. One of the best lessons I have learned in recent months is letting go of this idea of perfection.


Just be who I am without worrying about if I’m going to say something stupid or make something ugly. In 24 hours most people won’t remember anyway. Release the pressure you put on yourself in order to grow and become someone you never thought you could be. Let go of self expectation. Thrive in the process of imperfection and you will liberate yourself. Liberation = Freedom.

Perfection is constricting.


At the moment I feel like I’m in a total brain funk. Blame it on the heat of the Mohave desert…which has been in the 100s, OR the fact that I haven’t really accepted that we are moving in a month and I have done absolutely nothing. Whatever the reason, I’m embracing the brain funk. I’m running around in circles trying to figure out what I should do first, and in the end I find myself in my studio painting. Because I firmly believe that painting fairies will make them come to life and organize everything for me.


What can I say? I’m not perfect.

So instead of going through closets and purging clothing I haven’t worn in 3 years, I made some ATCs this week:

The Three Princesses

The 3 princesses – Faith, Adelie, and Mariana. My daughter named them…not for sure where she came up with these names (well, except for Faith…that’s her name), but they seemed to fit.

And these were WAY more important then packing. I swear.

*ATC designs are original works of art. Interested in learning this style? Check out Petite Dolls  at Les Petite by Suzi Blu.


5 thoughts on “Perfection Sucks

  1. I love the fact that your post was the first email I opened this fine Sunday morning. Hallelujah! Perfection IS over-rated!! Beautiful ATC’s too, I love how each one is so unique.

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