Taking Life as it Comes

“Sometimes we just have to take life as it comes, without resistance, without planning, without judgment. Because when we constantly try to control the outcome, we leave very little room for serendipity and growth.” ~Jeanine Caron

This holiday season my daughter was given Merry Christmas beans, which are these little beans you plant in accordance with a kit, and when they grow the beans have the words Merry and  Christmas on them. And yes, it’s a little late for them to sprout before Christmas, but my daughter was eager to plant her precious little seeds. So the first project we did this new year was plant seeds. Following the instructions, we took out the little, compacted disc of dirt and put in into the mini pot, and we watched in amazement as the soil expand when we added water. Then we carefully placed the 2 little seeds in the soil and put the pot in the cute little terrarium that came with the kit. And so it sits on our window sill in our kitchen while we anxiously await it’s growth. It has yet to sprout, but every day my daughter checks it with anticipation.

It didn’t resonate with me until a couple days later how symbolic this was of this new year. Our first project of 2013: Planting a seed.

See, I’m not very good with New Years resolutions as so many resolutions require an immediate change or action. I’m better with gradual development. In this instant generation where we want to see immediate results, I think sometimes we need to be reminded to just be patient with ourselves. Give ourselves time to grow. Plant the seed, nurture it, but don’t expect an immediate result. That’s what I’m working toward. I know there are things in my life that I need to work on, and my goal is to keep working toward them little by little. Like the little seed sitting on our sill…just give myself some time to sprout and grow.

Take life as it comes.

I suppose everyone has those times when life gives you an unanticipated series of events. I look back on 2012 and all the challenges our family went through, and although I have no regrets as most of these challenges were pretty consistent with just being a military family and relocating, I sometimes think about how 2012 changed the direction of our lives. From not knowing where we would move, to uprooting our lives and unexpectedly renovating a house (which is still a work in progress), to finding out I’m expecting our 2nd girl and dealing with severe morning sickness…yes, you could say 2012 has been an interesting year. And now I’m ready for 2013.

New things await in this upcoming year and I’m so excited. The new baby buzz is in full swing at our house and we get to welcome our new bundle of joy this spring. My daughter keeps asking if winter is over yet because she knows that spring comes next…and with spring comes her new baby sister. 🙂

But also with this new year comes a new year of creating. And this is very exciting as well. I have ideas swelling up in my head again (for awhile there I was so sick I could hardly think), and I’m ready to get moving. I’ve signed up for Life Book 2013  ( http://www.willowing.org/life-book-2013/) and I’m eager to see what new techniques I will learn in this new year.

Here are a few things I’ve managed to create in the last few months:

I made this for my Grandma’s 90th birthday. She is very special to me and one of those people that made such a huge impression on my heart. I spent my summers as a girl at her house planting flowers, watching birds, baking cookies and bread for the county fair, and just experiencing all the joys of being a little country girl. Love you, Grams.


The picture quality is not the best with this one, but I painted this piece for my sister as a gift for Christmas. The words on the bottom say: Know in your heart that you are loved.


And these are some Christmas trees I made a few weeks ago. I was inspired by a 2009 Somerset Life mag.


Hopefully I won’t have to wait so long until the next post. Happy New Year!