There’s an Angel in my Studio

My Grandma used to have a painting in her house of a Guardian Angel helping two little kids across a bridge. As much as I loved staring at it, I was also slightly terrified at the thought of a huge being watching over everything I did. Sometimes I would sneak in her room just to see it. I loved how the angel face seemed to glow…she had such adoration as she watched over the children. She seemed legitimately concerned. And I used to think that if I was ever in a scary place, there would be an angel there watching over me.

It was a nice thought.

I’ve always been drawn to angels and my oldest daughter (who is now 6) has picked up on this. So when I discovered that Suzi Blu created the workshop, Patchwork Angel Petite Doll, this month, I thought, how great would this be? A Mother, Daughter project! So we did it together and it was great fun. The workshop comes with the angel template so basically you just have to follow the instructions within the class. I thought my 6 year old daughter did very well with it, and I ended up only helping her with a couple things. She particularly loved making the patchwork skirt. Here is her painting:


It was a lot of fun just watching the vidoes together and going through the different steps. We sat side by side shading our little angel faces together and talking about what colors we wanted the dress to be. I highly recommend this. My daughter is already asking to do another one.

Here is mine:

SA mom

My angel sits in my studio above my little chalkboard that I use for inspirational ideas. She’s a lovely reminder that it’s important to make memories with my daughter. I’d like to think she whispers things to me from time to time.

Things like, “Take time to do what makes your soul happy.”

And, ” Be brave with your life.”

Because all of us need to be reminded from time to time that things we believe in and hope for are attainable.


Oranges, Mixed-Media Girls, and Fairies

I am orange challenged. Or so my hubby tells me. I love eating oranges, but I hate peeling them…when I peel an orange, it turns into a pulpy, mushy, mutilated mess. My hubby? Yes, every orange he has ever peeled in his life is perfect. I have orange issues. I’m accepting that. What does this have to do with art? Absolutely nothing.

On Thursday the USPS guy dropped off my Suzi Blu book, Mixed-Media Girls. I’m officially in love with my USPS guy…he’s old, has grey hair and looks like he’s in his 70’s, but I don’t care…he gives me beautiful things. OH MY GOODNESS this book is fabulous. The pictures are bright and detailed and the step-by-step techniques are amazing.

I want to live in this book it’s so beautiful…a mixed-media girl living in a magical painting. If you are a mixed-media artist…this is an AWESOME resource!

Yesterday I received my latest shipment of art supplies from Dick Blick…after waiting a week and half for them to get here (seemed like FOREVER). BUT, I’m not complaining, because it was worth the wait. I have my shiny new Prismacolor pencils all sharpened and ready to go, and I even made a few new notches in my fabric pencil holder I designed earlier this year.

I’m happy pappy and can’t wait to get going on my fairy faces from Suzi Blu’s Fairy class.

I’m currently learning how to sketch fairy bodies and thought I’d share. Sure, they are not perfect, but I’m okay with that. I’m learning things don’t have to be perfect when you’re sketching. Pencil is not permanent. The proportions of these may not be right, but I’m learning to embrace the process…the best lessons I’ve learned in sketching are from my own mistakes.

Coming soon – my first mixed-media Fairy painting! I can’t wait to get started! Stay tuned!

Take Two

So I started this blog in January…it’s now April and I have a whopping 1 post before this. Obviously, I’m not the greatest blogger. 🙂 I have the IDEA of a fantastic blog with beautiful pictures and inspiring posts…not for sure if this is in the stars for me, but I’m going to try this again. Take two.

I’m honestly still learning to balance it all…my family, my hobbies, my military life (which lately has been more then stressful), my art projects (which are very different then my hobbies), my facebook page, my friends, and now this blog. I wish I could say I had a wonderful, fantanstic reason for not posting…but I don’t. The week after I posted in January I ended up in an emergency facility with heart-stress symptoms…my heart is fine…I’m fine…it was just a stupid reaction I had to some supplements. My body is wierd like that and it took me about a month to recover. Since then I’ve buried myself in art seeking refuge in what I love to do…creating.

In January I stumbled across an article in a Somerset magazine about Suzi Blu and her Les Petite Academy…I signed up about the same time I wrote my last post and wasn’t able to really dive into the class I signed up for (Petite Dolls) because of my health. I knew I wanted to do mixed media, I just needed direction…and WOW did I get it! When I got to feeling better I immersed myself in practicing faces and Petite Dolls. Here is a finished painting I made:

Since then I’ve signed up for A Lovely Dream (art journal class), Portraits, and now her incredible Fairy class that started this month. I can’t get enough of Suzi’s techniques. BUT it’s more then techniques. I have found Les Petite to be a place of like minded artist that find healing through their art. It’s exactly what I needed.

Sancutary Art Journal Page:

For those who know Suzi, you know she is an amazingly unique talent. She is so unique in her teaching approach…she encourages people to not be perfectionist and shows us that through our imperfection beautiful art can manifest itself. She’s awesome…she’s real and she’s honest. It does not baffle me that her outreach is far and vast…she touches different cultures, countries, and ethnicities all over the world with her healing environment. She is bold, but she is passionate and sweet and spunky and hysterical…she has a way of reaching out to you when you are at your lowest and showing you that you are beautiful just the way you are…and that you can create beautiful things. She’s open and not afraid to admit to her own insecurities and in doing so people are drawn to her because she doesn’t pretend to be perfect. She doesn’t put on a facade. I think we see too many people around us “playing” the game of life…playing people…trying to get to the top…competing…backstabbing…using political agendas…criticizing…putting on a front…trying to “one up.” The drama is exhausting. I hate drama and I dislike people who cause it. But there’s something specially different about Suzi…she is none of these things AND she is successful…and I think it has a lot to do with her enriching quirky spirit. She is an original…there is absolutely nothing cliché about her. I love watching her…I love staying up until 2am watching portrait class videos and getting inspired. For me, I’m following Suzi…because right now Suzi makes me happy…but it’s even more than that. She puts a buzz in my soul that causes me to want to be exactly who I am. I am an artist…no matter if my medium is paint or fabric.

Thank you, Suzi, for featuring my journal design on your blog. It’s an honor to be one of your students.

Check out her workshops: