It’s never too late to start over…

When I was a little girl, my Dad used to take me on daddy-daughter dates. They weren’t elaborate activities, but those moments we shared still hold some of my fondest memories. It usually involved some type of ice cream, but more often than not it also included people watching. I remember sitting on whatever bench we could find, whether in the mall or a park, and just watching people as they walked by. Whether he realized it or not, my country Dad who happens to be a savvy when it comes to psychology, was teaching me the basics of human behavior.

Twenty five plus years later, and many life lessons learned, I have realized that this simple pastime has taken on a whole new dimension.  I’m talking about people watching on the internet. Now I’m not referring to lurking on someone’s social media page, as I find that rather creepy. But I’m talking about studying the nature of people’s blogs (in particular artists), the style of their social media pages, noting their strengths and learning from their marketing techniques. I appreciate the candor of some people who are so willing to open up and share their genuine spirit and offer helpful techniques behind their work. It’s refreshing to know that there is loads of info out there to guide the novice artist.

I also now know what it means when someone over markets themselves. Which, frankly, can come across rather annoying, and makes it easy for someone like me (who finds it hard to put myself out there as it is) to question whether or not marketing is really all it’s cracked up to be. But I know that I error on the side of caution to the point of fault, so I guess some would think it’s better to over market oneself than to under market. I’m still trying to figure out the balance of it all, which apparently is a science in itself. For one, I know that I don’t put myself out there enough, but most days I fall into that category of being too tired to post anything due to an overactive toddler, homeschooling, and trying to find some creative time for myself.

So as I am beginning this new school year of homeschooling, I’m noticing a sort of reset switch in myself. This past year has been a huge learning experience for me as I have dived head first into this world of being a freelancing artist. Which many times feels like more of an attempt than a realistic endeavor.  But it’s been quite the ride and I’ve fallen in love with the process of it all. I’ve learned that it is important to place value in myself as an artist and it’s good to invest in my future. I’ve learned that online courses provide challenges that uniquely stretch me artistically, and the investments are worth the result. It’s been fun discovering my own way of doing things, and I’m enjoying the evolution of my developing abilities. It’s all just one big journey of figuring out the little things as I go.

So today I’m regrouping, dusting my blog off again, and sharing with you some of my recent work I’ve done over the past few months. It’s never too late to start over again. Enjoy!

Bear in the Woods LoRes

Belinda Sigstad - Creatures of the Sea

meadow friends LoRes